People At This Indonesian Movie Theater Talk During Films And People Love It

Everyone gets to a chance to "see" the flick.

Given how many distractions can pop up at a theater, it's no wonder folks are "cord-cutting" their visits to movie houses in favor of watching their favorite flicks at home.

But one group in Indonesia is bringing the joy of going to the movies to individuals who might otherwise be disenfranchised from the experience: the visually impaired.

Founded in 2015, the group Whisper Theatre is helping those in Indonesia who are blind or visually impaired "see" some of the top films. Moviegoers who are visually impaired get whispered to by volunteers, who will describe what is happening onscreen.

The group hopes to bring equal opportunities to those with disabilities.

"I want people to accept that the disabled people, especially people with vision impairment, are part of the members of society in the world," Cici Suciati, the program's organizer, says. "They are like us."

Check out the video above to learn more!


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