11 Confessions That Will Remind You Of How Important Teachers Are To Us


We recently produced a short film showing the touching reaction of teachers hearing former students talk about how they changed their lives for the better, whether it was by giving them confidence, encouraging their dreams, or simply by accepting them as they struggled through the obstacle course of adolescence and young adulthood. 

Our teachers have a lasting impact. They arrive during the most formative years of our lives and are tasked with the monumental responsibilities of imparting the values of our society, teaching us essential life skills, encouraging exploration and curiosity, helping us adapt as social creatures, and trying to prevent kids from eating glue. 

These confessions, delivered via the Whisper app, shed some light on just how much of a difference a teacher can make in our lives. You may find yourself, as we did, thinking about the ones who made a difference in yours.



My 8th grade teacher changed my life forever... She gave me the courage to put my writing out there for the world to see!


My favorite teacher inspired me to become an agriculture teacher myself. She not only taught me, but she became a second mother to me.


Someday, I want to thank my 3rd grade teacher for showing me that I had something to aspire to be. Now, I'm living my dream as a singer and its all because he believed in me.


My high school biology teacher inspired me to pursue a medical career. I'm so thankful for her.


My teacher once gave me a small piece of paper that said "have an adventure". I wonder if he knows how much that moment changed me.


My high school English teacher inspired me to go into journalism. I never even thought about it until he emailed me personally and told me to consider it.






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