13 Confessions From Janitors That Will Make You Think Very Differently About Their 'Dirty' Job

"Sometimes it embarrasses me, but I'm making a living for my son as a single mom."

Janitorial work often comes with negative connotations because the public perception is that it's an unskilled, "dirty" job that only uneducated people have. The truth is, maintaining and cleaning a building is very difficult work and the stigma attached to it only makes it harder. 

In a series of anonymous submissions to the Whisper app, an online platform where people share secrets, janitors made confessions about their profession that many us have probably never considered. We have a feeling it will make you think about their job in a very different light. 

You can read some of these confessions below:


As janitor at a school it


I spent 5 years in the navy leading my team fixing multiple 36 million
dollar aircraft 8 months since honorable discharge my biggest
accomplishment is landing a job as a janitor, and not one date


People act like I am less because I am a janitor. Truth is, these hoity
toity office jockeys wouldn




I work in a hospital as a janitor but we were scrubs, my family thinks I


I work a janitorial job at an office building. I


I am a janitor. Sometimes it embarrasses me but I


The best part about being a janitor is being able to use the "Closed for
Cleaning" sign to use the bathroom in private. No one will walk in with the
sign up.


I can


After working as a janitor you learn that both men and women are equally




the janitors at my school give better pep talks than any motivational
speaker you can bring in.


I have cleaned every body fluid there is. Off of walls, floors, and yes
even the ceiling once. Shout out to being a janitor.