This Partially Blind Grandfather Discovered A Secret Artistic Skill That He Never Knew He Had

Meet "The Pixel Painter."

"Do you know I do a lot of my painting with my eyes shut?" begins Hal Lasko, the brilliant painter featured in the short documentary, The Pixel Painter.

"In his later years, [Hal Lasko] suffered from wet macular degeneration, an age-related, chronic eye disease which severely limits the center of his field of vision," according to his website.

"When I lost my eyesight I thought that my painting days were over," he says. 

But, with the gift of a new computer courtesy of his grandson, Hal Lasko could use magnification tools and techniques to see his creations. 

In the video, Hal explains that he'd focus on parts of a painting, with a close eye to detail, in order to create his final vision.


And his creations are truly remarkable. 


We really mean it. They're unbelievable. 

'Tree Scape'

'Space Highways'

"Do you think about your paintings a lot?" his granddaughter-in-law asks in the video. Hal laughs and replies: "That's all I do."

Watch Grandpa Hal's inspirational story below.

Hal passed away just "two weeks shy of his 99th birthday," according to his site's blog. But his art, and heartwarming story, will live on.

To purchase Hal's miraculous art, check out his website.

(H/T: OddityCentral)

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