This Confusing Name On A Starbucks Cup Set Off An Intense Internet Debate


Internet debates can be a heated, baffling affairs, but perhaps this one was worth your time. 

This guy went to Starbucks to cool off with an iced drink, only to be served with this name written on his cup. It may seem like an open-and-shut case at first, but with Starbucks, you really can't be too sure.

Look closer, is it a Corey?

Or a Greg??

The picture sparked a spirited debate on Twitter.

Unless the barista completely misunderstood this guy's actual name, we're pretty sure it's just a fancy-looking "Greg," though ... right?

In which case, kudos to this Starbucks employee for getting it right. 

But if you've ever hankered for a spectacular mutilation of your name, you can bet your bottom dollar that Starbucks employees will be up for it.