11 Women Share Their Exact Feels The Moment They Got Engaged

It's different for everyone.

From endless YouTube proposal videos to websites completely dedicated to how he asked, the way people propose to their partners has become a fascination in our culture. But what about the feelings? You know, the emotions that run deep in that exact moment.

Well, we wanted to know more about that, so we asked friends and fellow co-workers of different ages and backgrounds about their engagements to find out what it actually feels like. And based on these responses, it feels pretty darn good. 

This is what they said:

The minor freakout proposal

"When I got engaged all I remember is feeling very excited and being unable to give an answer because I was so excited. I also remember my fiance dropping the ring while on bended knee and having a small heart attack because it almost went over the side of Mount Washington in Pittsburgh." — Ashley

The "Disney" proposal

"I got engaged at Disney World. The whole day we were just hanging out and having fun. We were watching fireworks and he started to tell me how much he loves me and he got down on one knee. I was so surprised and happy I cried. It was magical and so special. It was definitely a unique and romantic proposal." — Julie

The "ouch" proposal

"Honestly the only thing I could think of was getting in the shade and some water. It was after a 3 hour motorcycle ride in traffic the entire way. I got sun poisoning that day, but I was a happy girl." — Jaime

The "misunderstanding" proposal

"My husband spent so much time picking out a ring that I thought he was cheating on me ... The proposal went something like this "#$%&& I will not have you mad at me for this!" That was 33 years and three children ago!" — Kathleen

The "military" proposal

"You know that feeling when everything just drops? Your heart drops, your mouth drops, your eyes get really wide, and you sink in your seat. That's how it felt getting engaged. Just pure shock that the moment I dreamed of a thousand times just actually happened. The only thing in my mind was 'This is really happening, this is how I am getting proposed to right here in my bed.' Nick proposed right as I was falling asleep the night before he was going back to training for the Marines." — Bekka

The "angry and happy at the same time" proposal

"My story is slightly less romantic. My emotions were crazy in the moment. He was really rude all day leading up to it by ignoring me and spending all his time on his phone. He had this elaborate plan for the day, and cancelled the part I was most looking forward to (because we had to get somewhere on time for the photographer). Literally seconds before he proposed, I snapped at him for ignoring me all day. We stood up to leave and he told me to cover my eyes and dream about our wedding. I actually fought him because I was so mad. I was like 'No. This is not allowed to happen while I'm this mad.' I finally conceded though and when I covered my eyes, it finally sank in. My thoughts were 'Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Holy crap! Oh my goodness.' I knew what was going to happen when I opened my eyes and I was stunned. I've never been so mad and excited at the same time. When I opened my eyes, he said 'I'm never going to find a woman more perfect for me than you. Rachel, will you do me the honor of being my wife?' Instantly, every bit of anger was gone, and I was a puddle of mushy excitement and overwhelming love." — Rachel

The "in shock" proposal

"I would say shock and excitement. Like pressure shooting trough your body but in a good way. Tears and tunnel vision. Afterwards, I couldn't focus on anything. I was in disbelief like is this what is feels like to be the luckiest girl in the world." — Katie

The "casual" proposal

"We were older and not romantic at all. We had Chrissy (his daughter from a previous marriage) so I didn't want her to get attached to me or me to her without a commitment. So it was one of those nights — I just grabbed the calendar and said if we're making this a commitment, then pick a date. If not I'm out the door. So now it's 32 years." — Donna

The "forgot to say yes" proposal

"For the record I had no idea it was coming! I suspected that we would go to the next step. It was my birthday, and I had a hard day of work. Mid-vent about my job, Ryan got down on one knee...in the middle of a gorgeous evening on a rooftop bar...and I froze. Every moment we ever shared together raced through my mind in happiness and glee, but the expression on my face was pure stupidity!!! I didn't understand what he was doing and couldn't articulate a response. Then I bawled my eyes out, and hugged him ....and then an hour lady realized I forgot to say yes - duh!...." — Kim

The "feeling on top of the world" proposal

"Well, first off, a part of you knows it's coming. The anticipation is intense. But once it happens, you look at your partner, and kind of just know getting to this place in your relationship is what it was always all about. The best part is the unending positivity that flows around you — every phone call begins in a scream and ends in tears. For a few moments, the entire world is about you two, and it's a very humbling feeling. We always joke that we wish we could get engaged every day because it was such a loving experience. Well, that is until everyone starts expecting you to have it all planned out after your first hour of being engaged, haha!" — Lauren

And last but not least: the "dog poop" proposal

"So one Christmas Eve, five months later [after he gave me a promise ring], we were getting the rest of the presents together and we were cleaning up because family was coming over the next morning for breakfast. I noticed my dog had sh*t in the corner. I got paper towels and a spray to clean it. As I turned around holding a piece of dog shit, I said to Kevin 'do u want to keep your headphones because the dog shit on them.' Kevin was on one knee with the ring box out in front of him. He said 'I wanted to do this right this time with a proper ring.' He opened the box and asked me to marry him. I then replied 'do u want to keep the headphones or not because there is shit on' then smiled. He smiled and said 'yes.' I then smiled and said 'yes I will marry you.' After washing my hands I put the ring on. I could not stop smiling and feeling very happy. I could not stop looking at the ring on my hand." — Raquel

How'd you feel?