A Photographer Dove Deep Into The Ocean To Capture Something Truly Magical

Wow. Just, wow.

Capturing the serenity and grace of the elusive whale shark is no easy feat. 

But photographer Tyler Stableford was willing to take the plunge to attempt what some would be too afraid to even dream of. 

Armed with a Canon 5D Mark III camera, Stableford dove deep into the oceans of Mexico with model and former competitive swimmer Ashley Mosher to find the whale sharks and the perfect shot. 

In a blog post describing the photoshoot process, Stableford says it took an hour-long boat journey and 30 minutes of searching before he and Mosher found a group of 40 whale sharks feeding in the Caribbean waters. 

"For the images to succeed emotionally, she [Mosher] needed to be a part of the fathomless deep, meeting the the shark from below," writes Stableford on his blog. 

The challenges of swimming amongst the gentle giants were enhanced by the fact that SCUBA gear is not allowed near the sharks in Mexico. The divers had to hold their breaths in order to catch up to the quiet animals. 

But even without any oxygen, they were able to capture some truly magical moments. 

"I wanted our photographs to reflect the true dance between Ashley and the shark," writes Stableford. "It would have been easy for me to shoot images of the sharks, and then to shoot Ashley separately in various poses underwater; and then composite the two frames in Photoshop. All the images here are one frame, the real moment." 

Check out more images from Stableford's passion project below: 

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot: 

Visit Stableford's gallery of his photoshoot here. 

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