This Octopus Can Take Pictures Of Aquarium Visitors

Say "cheese!"

What’s better than having your picture taken in front of an octopus at the aquarium? Having the octopus be the one taking the photo.

Recently, an octopus named Rambo was given the chance to be the world's first cephalopod photographer at her home at the Sea Life Aquarium in New Zealand. Though she does have eight arms, Rambo needs a little bit of help holding the camera steady. A clear plastic setup was devised to keep the camera in place while the octopus snapped the photo.

Rambo uses her tentacles to reach down a tube and press the shutter button.

World's first Octopus photographer
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Rambo didn't learn how to take pictures just by chance once the camera was dropped into the tank. A group of experts on animal behavior trained the octopus to press the shutter button by introducing a rig that released food each time she pressed a button. 

Octopuses are highly intelligent animals, and it didn't take long for her to grasp the concept. Eventually, the food reward rig was swapped out for a camera, and Rambo was soon taking pictures of schoolchildren who came to visit the aquarium.

Fun fact: The rig used to hold up the camera also prevents Rambo from ripping the camera to pieces, a fate several cameras met before the current setup was put into place. This experiment isn't just a testament to the intelligence of cephalopods, but to their strength as well!

Check out the video here:

[H/T: ScienceAlert]