This Video Of A Man's Earwax Getting Pulled Out Is Disturbingly Satisfying

Imagine how well he can hear all of a sudden.

Most people have a pretty simple method for cleaning out their ears — Q-tips, or more generally, cotton swabs. However, it's a pretty little-known fact that doing so actually makes you more susceptible to what is called impacted earwax, which is when the wax gets pushed back into the ear and builds up into a large chunk.

As you can imagine, impacted earwax can make it tough to hear.

Earwax buildup is very common though and definitely not dangerous. Also known as cerumen, the body produces earwax to protect the ears, containing both lubricating and antibacterial properties. In a closed loop, your ears have their own way to clear wax through chewing and the skin that naturally grows outward from your ear canals.

But yes, the buildup can get a little much and need help getting out sometimes.

This guy's got quite the packed lump of earwax back there, and what happens next is both gross and strangely refreshing. Typically getting in there with tweezers isn't the greatest idea — going to the doctor or using ear drops to dissolve the wax are safer methods — but for this case it works out all at once as soon as the woman with the tweezers gets a good enough grip.

Brace yourself and watch the cleanse in full:


(H/T: Medical Daily)

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