Women On Social Media Rally Against Those Who Question Whether They Should Travel Alone


After 22-year-old María Coni and 21-year-old Marina Menegazzo were killed while vacationing in Ecuador, a prominent Argentine psychiatrist questioned why the women took the risk of "traveling alone" — despite the fact that they were traveling with each other.

"These kinds of comments are often heard in Latin American countries when the murder of a woman happens," Paraguayan student Guadalupe Acosta told the BBC.

In response to the psychiatrist's apparent sexism, Acosta penned a brilliant Facebook post that went viral.

"Doing what I wanted, I found my deserved for not be submissive, for not wanting to stay in my house, for invest my own money in my dreams. For that and much more, I was," she wrote on Facebook, according to a translation. "I ask that you for me and for all the women whom we've stopped, we silenced, we all suck the life and dreams, raise your voice. We're going to fight, me at your side, in spirit, and I promise that one day we're going to be so many that do not exist, the amount of bags enough to shut us up to all."

Acosta's message became a rallying cry for women on social media who stood up for their rights to travel safely without victim-shaming or sexism using the hashtag #ViajoSola (Spanish for "I travel alone"). Here are 11 women who are empowering other women on social media to proudly travel alone.