These People Look Like Regular Street Performers, But Everything Changes When They Start Moving

Even if you can't see it, the problem exists.

Back in March, people visiting the capitals of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay had the chance to witness an unusual street performance.

At first, it looked like just another show put on by "living statues," or silent mimes that come alive to startle passersby. But these performers weren't angling for a laugh.

The human statues were actually acting out abusive scenes that some children experience every day.

The performances were organized by UNICEF as part of their digital campaign "Stop child abuse." The campaign features four videos filmed at iconic locations in Buenos Aires, SantiagoAsunción and Montevideo.

According to the campaign's dedicated website, the goal is to bring child abuse from private, "invisible" spaces to public spaces and encourage people to acknowledge (and hopefully address) the fact that it is actually happening behind closed doors.

"[The campaign] aims to create awareness among the population in order to eradicate violence against children and encourage a cultural change in adults," UNICEF states in its press release.

Watch the full video below.

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