2-Year-Old DJ Phenom From South Africa Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Completely amazing.

While most two year old kids are content to spend their days fingerprinting and figuring out the intricacies of potty training, Oratilwe Hlongwane from South Africa is one of the youngest DJs on the planet.

Oratilwe's talent was discovered after his father, an amateur DJ, stepped away from his table with the music still on. As the young boy began pressing buttons and mixing the music, his father discovered he had a natural sense of rhythm. 

His mother posted a video of her son online, and when it went viral, DJ AJ’s new persona was born.

2-year-old DJ AJ is a viral phenomenon
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DJ AJ is gaining success quickly. His Facebook page has over 27,000 followers and his recent gigs include the Miss South Africa 1st Princess Party and showcasing his talent on a local radio station

His parents have caught some flak from critics who feel like they are exploiting their son's talents for their own gain, but they deny it. They also claim they won't pressure their son to DJ when he gets older if he doesn't want to. 

For now, little DJ AJ is just having fun, and we're all having a blast watching him.

Learn more about DJ AJ’s amazing story here:

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