Screentendo Makes Computer Screens Turn Into 'Super Mario Bros.' Games — Here's How


Who wouldn't want to take any screen on their computer and turn it into an awesome, retro game of "Super Mario Bros?"

Answer: No one.

Now, thanks to software developer Aaron Randall this is entirely possible (and free). 

Plus, using the application is as easy as taking a screenshot.

When you launch Screentendo, a see-through window pops up, allowing users to resize the window over any desktop image to transform it into a "Mario" game.

And just like that — you and Mario are ready to break every last brick. Goodbye productivity.

Unlike the original game, "there's no enemies, objectives, or any real point to the game... Randall created [it] as a proof-of-concept and says it has a few limitations," according to

Learn how it works in the video below:

Randall graduated from a top five British University for Computer science, and in 2011, he was voted "Azzurri 'Innovations' Person of the Year," among other achievements. 

Read more about the game and download the code on Randall's blog.

(H/T: Mic)

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