Something Unusual Is Happening At The Crosswalks In Vienna — And It's Stopping Traffic

Not the traffic lights we're used to seeing.

When guests of this year's Eurovision Song Contest cross the streets of Vienna, they'll be following directions from an unusual traffic signal. Instead of the typical little man we're all accustomed to seeing at the other side of the crosswalk, Vienna has installed little same-sex couples.

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The contest, which is a magnificent spectacle of song, dance and drama, is known for having given artists like ABBA, Celine Dion and Conchita Wurst (and her gorgeous beard) their starts. 

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According to Mashable, the traffic lights are meant to present Vienna as an open-minded city.

Clemens Bendtner, a local resident of Vienna, spoke to Mashable about the campaign. "I think this [is] a great idea because it shows that finally something is happening in Austria," he said. "The topic of equality and equal treatment is a very important issue and through this campaign it gets some attention."

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