These Are The 10 Deadliest Animals Alive

Nature really, really wants to kill you.

What is the most dangerous animal in the world?

A shark? Lions? Killer bees? None of the above, actually.

Alltime10s has brought us the list of the top 10 deadliest animals that are on the planet, and some of these might be a surprise.

10. Hippos

Sure, they may look cute, but hippos can be pretty darn ferocious when they need to be. Don't admire that baby hippo too closely, or the mother may trample you.

9. Tapeworm

These parasitic worms are most often transmitted when eating raw pork products.* When inside the body, the tapeworms can make larval cysts inside the host's muscle and brain tissue.

*The pork itself isn't the problem. It's usually because larvae found in the feces of an infected human ended up on the pork, which isn't really reassuring.

8. Scorpions

Scorpions are venomous arachnids, and some species can be extremely deadly to humans. Scorpions look blue under a blacklight, which makes it really easy to see where they are and protect yourself when you're outdoors at night.

7. Assassin bug

While the insects themselves do take a little bit of blood from humans, that in and of itself doesn't do much harm. The real danger comes from the parasite that they carry, which then causes Chagas disease.

6. Tsetse fly

Just like the assassin bug, the tsetse fly's danger comes from the parasite it harbors. This particular pest carries the protozoan that causes sleeping sickness.

5. Dog

Dogs didn't make it this high on the list because of the ones that have been trained to be mean and maul people. Dogs are dangerous because they can carry the rabies virus that is transmitted when a dog bites and breaks the skin.

4. Roundworm

Roundworm is typically ingested through contaminated water. As the worms complete their life cycle in the host's digestive system, they infect the intestines and can punch holes through the organs. 

3. Snakes

This one is probably the least surprising for most people, given how the average person feels about snakes. A large number of venomous snake bites happen where immediate medical attention isn't available, meaning the injured person can't get the lifesaving antivenins, or, the person may not be able to afford it.

2. Freshwater snails

Snails: Cute, yes; deadly, also yes. The snail's shell carries parasites that contaminate water supplies. Humans get infected after swimming in or drinking from these water sources. The parasites can tear holes in the bladder and stomach of an infected individual.

1.5. Humans

This statistic is sort of a bonus because it isn't in the video, but about 475,000 people each year die at the hands of other people. Let's quit being our own worst enemy, okay?

1. Mosquitos

More than a summer nuisance, mosquitos are the deadliest animal on the planet. They are vectors for parasites and viruses that cause malaria, West Nile, Dengue Fever, and more.

The worst part? Mosquitos aren't even a great contributor to the food chain, and ecosystems would be totally fine if they all vanished.

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