11 Girls Describe The Struggles Of Being A Tomboy, Showing There's No One Way To Be A Girl

"Makeup. I don't use any and everybody tell me I should. As if it makes me more of a girl."

Traditional gender roles are outdated. Some men braid their daughter's hair or even their own. They cook, clean, and do chores. Some women are entrepreneurs, participate in extreme sports, and read science fiction. And some people don't identify with any gender at all. We've made some great strides in recent years thanks to many people working hard to advocate for acceptance. 

Still, many are subjected to ridicule due to the stereotypical gender roles people believe in. One group at risk for such criticism is tomboys — girls who don't subscribe to things thought of as traditionally "girly." Several of these self-identified tomboys used the Whisper app to share some of the struggles they face.  

From getting told to "act more like a woman" to dealing with people underestimating their strength, it's clear we still have progress to make when it comes to accepting girls for who they are. Reading their confessions only proves this point, and shows we should allow everyone to embrace whatever is most comfortable for them. If that means being a person who loves dresses and makeup, that's cool. If they'd rather never wear either, that's cool too. 

You can read some of their confessions below: