This Guy Just Took Disney Mashups To Another Level With His Nicki Minaj Impersonation


YouTube performer Todrick Hall has already made a name for himself with impressive Disney mashups, but his latest routine definitely puts him on a league of his own.

Hall's new video, wittily titled "Mickey Minaj," skillfully combines two of his biggest passions: the magical world of Disney and Nicki's catchy tunes. 

With the help of some makeup, wigs and costumes, Hall transforms into a bunch of different characters and even adjusts Minaj's lyrics to better fit their stories. The result is awesome to behold.

Check out Princess Jasmine rocking to "Anaconda."

Snow White jamming to "Starships."

And Maleficent putting her killer charm on display in "Like A Dungeon Dragon."

Watch Hall's truly magical performance below.