Here's Your Chance To Be Jack Or Rose: An Exact Replica Of The Titanic Sets Sail Soon

This one will probably be safer.

Just about everyone in the world is aware of the tragic story of the Titanic. If you didn't know about it from an early 20th century history lesson, you definitely found out from Titanic, James Cameron's 1997 drama that was the highest-grossing film of all time until his otherworldly epic Avatar took the throne in 2010. The romance between Kate Winslet's Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack prompted moviegoers to come back time and time again, which means people can't resist love or they can't resist disaster. But truly, aren't love and disaster different sides of the same coin?

Anyway, a ship whose structure and lack of adequate lifeboats resulted in 1,503 deaths after it sank in 1912 is getting remade more than a century later: the Titanic II is almost here. It's a project started by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who announced the plans in 2012 with a goal of finishing the ship by this year. It fell behind schedule, but will now apparently set sail in 2018, featuring 840 cabins that can hold 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. Like the original, it'll sell first, second, and third class tickets.

The maiden voyage of the ship will travel from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Tickets aren't on sale yet, but reportedly could cost up to $1 million each. So if the whole story behind the first Titanic doesn't bother you AND you have some spending cash, keep an eye out.

Cover image: Cliff via Flickr


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