A Stranger At A Pizzeria Responded To This Mom's Kind Words With The Sweetest Three Letters

Total goosebumps.

A New Jersey mother described on Facebook an unbelievably kind interaction she had this week — and she's still got the napkin to prove it.

On Tuesday, Tiffanie Miller was eating lunch with her three children and her best friend at a pizzeria on the Atlantic City boardwalk. She reportedly spotted a senior citizen helping an older man — presumably his father — eat his meal.

"As I watched I see the son feeding his wheelchair-bound dad, clean his face, give him a drink when he wanted one and it all done with such kindness and love," Miller wrote on Facebook. "After his dad took a bite, he took one, after his dad drank, he then drank."

Miller said she approached them and complimented the man for taking care of his elderly father, who also happens to be a Korean War veteran. The son — who's been caring for his dad for 15 years — thanked Miller for her kind words.

When Miller returned to her table, the man approached her and said he wanted to "return a compliment with a compliment."

He handed her a note with the acronym C.Y.H. on it. Miller told A Plus that she didn't realize that C.Y.H. stood for "consider yourself hugged" until the man told her. This prompted Miller to do something extraordinary.

"With that I just had to give him a real hug, and I said, 'You don't know how much that made my day," Miller told The Daily Journal.

After hugging the man, she shared the napkin and her experience with Love What Matters, a website that celebrates inspirational stories.

"What made me post it was that the whole situation made me feel good and I wanted to share that feeling," Miller wrote to A Plus

Love What Matters posted the story to Facebook on Wednesday and it received over 11,000 likes by the next day. Miller said she did not anticipate such a positive reaction online.

"I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of this attention," Miller wrote to A Plus. "The comments from strangers have brought me to tears."

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