Watch How Thor Kept Busy When He Wasn't In 'Captain America: Civil War'

Who needs the Avengers anyway?

If you were wondering where Thor was while the Avengers were duking it out in "Captain America: Civil War," wonder no more.

Chris Hemsworth may have been a little miffed about his character's absence when the movie first came out, but Marvel didn't forget about him. Over the weekend, the studio shared a bonus feature originally shown to the lucky fans at Comic-Con. It includes mockumentary footage of Thor's extracurricular activities.

"I guess I'm just taking a break," Thor explains from his new flat in Australia, where he lives with his roommate Darryl — and Mjölnir, of course.

Thor says he wants to be around "average, everyday people" and "give back to the community." That involves quizzing some local schoolkids about his comrades. More recently, he and his brother Loki have been busy spreading joy at children's hospitals.

And even though he couldn't be there in person, he still took the time to correspond with both Cap and Iron Man via "electronic letter." It's much faster than sending a raven, but he might want to get a cellphone if he expects anyone to give him a call.

Once Thor is finished with his vacation, he and fellow Civil War absentee Bruce Banner (better known as Hulk) will be teaming up in Thor: Ragnarok, out November 3, 2017.

Catch up on all of Thor's "me time" in the video below:

(H/T: TheWrap)


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