Family Band Brings Simon Cowell To Tears On 'Britain's Got Talent'

Wow, what a performance.

When it comes to what makes a great performance on a show like "Britain's Got Talent," it's got to be the element of the unexpected. It's what we look for at A Plus when we search for talent in YouTube videos, whether they be short films,  undiscovered singers, or best of all, the rare combination of both. The feeling of discovering something new and surprising is what excites us, thrills us, makes us want to share it with others. The very best part of that is when the discovery also resonates with something in our emotional core, when we hear or see something that evokes a feeling, that stirs us, that moves us.

It's easy to be underwhelmed when working in media and entertainment, whether you're watching hundreds of videos looking for something amazing or listening to scores of singers, hoping to hear something that takes your breath away. But when you find that special something in a performance or a film and you feel it hit you all at once, it's the best feeling in the world: a combination of relief and joy and newness.

The Neales first caught Simon Cowell's attention during their audition for this season of "Britain's Got Talent." According to The Mirror, the family group composed of Laurie Neale and his sons Dan, James, and Phil started ten years ago after Laurie had a heart attack and realized he needed to make changes in his lifestyle.

Fast-forward to the May 29th semi-finals when the Neales took the "BGT" stage to perform Cat Stevens' "Father and Son" in front of a backdrop of a family photo slideshow.

The Neales' harmonies never sounded stronger.

The touching ballad had the judges and audience in tears.

As the family came to the song's conclusion in a half-embrace, it's doubtful that there was a dry eye in the house.

Among those touched was the normally stoic Simon Cowell.

Get a tissue and watch the incredible performance here.

What do you think? Did this song make you think about your family? Let us know in the comments below. 

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