These 11 Videos Will Make Your Day Better

Celebrate International Happiness Day With These Uplifting Videos.

In a world of work emails sent directly to our smart phones and bad news plastered everywhere, it's important to take a few minutes to simply be happy. International Happiness Day is March 20th, and Happify has compiled a list of uplifting videos to help you celebrate some of life's simple joys. (Warning: have tissues nearby. Feels are imminent.)


Michelle had suffered a great loss, so a local radio station gave her the surprise she needed. 


Psychologist Guy Winch reminds us to take care of our minds like we take care of our bodies. 


The sound this little guy makes may surprise you -- and may have you laughing hysterically.


These old people are from all over the world, and they all have great advice on living a happy and healthy life.


This puppy really wants his bed back, but this cat is having none of it.


A psychology professor tells us the keys to living an unhappy, unfulfilled life. Spoiler alert: do the opposite of everything he says. 


These girls thought they were being stopped for a boring poll on a college campus. These musical males had other plans, and the result is heartwarming.


Patrick was born deaf and had never been able to communicate until he and other local deaf students learned sign language for the first time.


Hannah Brencher won the 2013 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge with her organization. The World Needs More Love Letters, finding healing for herself in spreading love to others in need.


Hailey needed to find a way to be grateful for the positive things in her life -- even the little ones. 


This hardworking housekeeper was the "victim" of the world's most positive prank when she showed up at a house she was supposed to clean, and instead got the surprise of a lifetime. 

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