Texas Pizza Hut Manager Gives Workers Post-Election Bonus

"I just want to thank each of you for voting," he said.

After the election, a Pizza Hut manager gave each of his employees a $100 bonus in North Texas to celebrate voting.

One of the employees, named Elliot, posted the letter on Imgur, saying "I'll never regret my vote," apparently expressing his support for President-elect Trump. In his letter, the owner said he spoke to Aaron Richard — the director of operations at Tall Timbers Pizza Hut —  and wanted to share a gift with the employees.

Elliot told A Plus that it seemed to be a huge gift for some of Pizza Hut's employees.

"Earlier today, I overheard a woman I work with discussing how the bonus check helped her pay her water bill," Elliot said. "She had missed work for a day or two due to illness and wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise."

For him, a high school student saving up for college, the money may just go to a road trip with some friends next summer. But even a friend of his, an assistant manager at the Pizza Hut, was in need of the money.

"He's been having issues with his car, and this extra money gives him a little leeway with his fleeting cash," Elliot said. "Honestly, it's not so much a matter of what the money means to me. I just like seeing the hope that it gives the people around me."

Critics of Trump's tax plan — which some experts don't think would benefit the working class — would probably advocate for an increased in minimum wage. But economists are divided on that, as well. 

For Elliot, getting to be a part of the election was a major milestone. And we're glad his employers celebrated it with him.

"I barely made it to 18 in time to vote," he said. "I got my official notice of voter registration mid-October, so this was my first time. My parents and I went together to the poll in our small town, and it was much more laid back than I expected."

Cover photo: WikiCommons


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