This Teacher's Cat Died, So Her Students Surprised Her With Rescue Kittens

Random acts of kittens.

When Joshua High School teacher Tonya Andrews' beloved cat Blondie passed away in her arms, the Texas educator was devastated. 

"I cried pretty much every period that next day at school," she told the Huffington Post. 

That's when a few of her students decided to try and cheer her up.

A group of students led by Rachel Hanhart went out and got cupcakes, flowers, and, best of all, a pair of rescue kittens for Mrs. Andrews.

"I thought something was afoot, however, when only half of my class was in my room second period the next day when the tardy bell rang," Andrews said

"She said she was going to get new kittens soon, but we beat her to the punch on that one," Hanhart told the Huffington Post

Andrews greeted her new kittens with joyous tears.

The students' beautiful act of kindness was captured on video.

It doesn't take much to make someone's day and the students at Joshua High School just proved how much a small gesture can mean to someone else.

Great job.

(H/T: Telegraph)


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