This Guy's Gender-Swap Tinder Experiment Exposes The Ugly, Sexist Reality That Women Face While Online Dating

Some of these are pretty gross — no surprise there.

It's not easy to find a person even half-suited to your tastes in real life, let alone in the messy world of online dating. For women, however, online dating has the added risk of being exposed to lots and lots of creeps — an unpleasant experience that men simply cannot understand the breadth and depth of. 

But U.K. comedian Sy Thomas decided to try. He dressed himself up as a woman, took photos and created a Tinder account for 36-year-old Simone. It turns out that Simone got a lot more matches on Tinder than Sy ever did — with the added bonus of some pretty awkward and gross messages from men.

"Do you like Harry Potter?" one asked. "If so you should open up your Chamber of Secrets and let Basilisk Slytherin." 

"If you were a washing machine, I'd put my dirty load inside of you."

"Do you like prison food?"

These are just samples of the kind of garbage that many women are subjected to on dating sites and simply being online in general (side note: the argument that women should be grateful for these "compliments" never holds). Luckily for Simone, her three-day experiment was simply that. Unluckily for many women, dealing with this sort of behavior is their reality.

Watch the video for yourself:


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