Video Resurfaces Of Amazing 'Skysurfer' Performing One Of His Final Stunts


Rob Harris left behind a legacy that few will ever have the bravery to mimic. The daredevil, who tragically died in 1996 after an accident on a routine jump, made a habit out of combining the elements of aerial and snow sports.

Widely recognized as one of the world's best "skysurfers," one of Harris' most incredible stunts was recently uploaded to YouTube by CatersTV. It was filmed by friend and fellow skydiver Joe Jennings, who worked with Harris throughout his career.

"The fear, adrenaline… Those moments were gems for me," Jennings wrote of their time in the sky together on his personal website. "I'd watch Rob nailing move after move, cool as ice, sticking it. And a smile would begin to turn my lips. Through his dark glasses and game face, I could see, Rob grinning back."

While watching this amazing video, keep in mind that a diving skydiver can reach speeds up to 160 mph, and practiced divers can break 200 mph.

Last week, we saw a guy combine kite surfing and skiing. This week, we got a reminder of one of extreme sports' most important legends. What's next?

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