These Look Like Ordinary Stock Photos, But Then You Spot Him

Stock photos get one heck of a makeover.

When looking at stock photos do you ever get the feeling that things are, well, just too perfect to be real? Judging by the looks of these images, Matt Vescovo, also known as The Stock Photobomber, has had enough.  He cleverly photoshops himself into stock photos and the result is hilarious.

"As an art director in advertising, I've spent many [hours] a day sifting through stock photography. If I had to guess, in my 20-year career I probably viewed some 845,742,923,012 images... but that may just be how it felt," Vescovo explains on his Tumblr. "Armed with Photoshop 6.0 and my own raw emotion, I'm going to thrust stock photography into the real world the only way I know how... I'm going to photobomb the sh*t out of it."

We can't stop scrolling.  

If you'd like to see more of Vescovo's work, make sure to follow him on Twitter,  Facebook or Tumblr.

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