11 Styling Ideas For One Of The Most Instagrammed Shoes Right Now

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Say hi to the Adidas Stan Smith shoes.

Chances are, you've already seen a pair of these iconic Adidas sneakers, either on the streets or your Instagram feed. 

But why have these shoes gotten so popular, and who is Stan Smith? 

Stan Smith was the number one tennis player in the world at the time these leather tennis sneakers were first issued in 1971

The shoes quickly moved beyond tennis courts to the streets as Adidas introduced them in numerous fabrics and colors, always keeping the original model — all-white with a green ankle tab.

"A lot of people now think I'm a shoe," said the legendary tennis player in a recent Interview with Adidas.

Despite the fact Smith's face — notably without his signature mustache — is featured on the logo of the shoe, not many people know much about him.

"They didn't know I was a tennis player. And they don't even know that I exist necessarily, but they like the shoe," Smith explained to Adidas in a video interview. "The shoe has really taken a life of its own, way beyond me."

And you don't need to look on Instagram long to see that Smith's right. Scroll down to see 11 of our favorite ways to style Stan Smiths.












Bonus video of people talking about the importance of the iconic shoe in their lives:

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