You Won't See A Single Face In This Love Story, But Your Heart Will Ache Just The Same

Right in the feels.

Do you ever daydream that your life will one day inspire a Hollywood film?

Well, your daydreams can become reality if you win the Project Imagination: The Trailer contest. 

The contest, put on by Canon and Ron Howard, encourage people to use their real life experiences to create a film trailer. According to the official website, Project Imagination will "empower you [the contestant] with everything you need to turn your own videos and photos into a trailer, even if you don't have filmmaking experience."

The winning trailer will be chosen by Ron Howard, and will inspire a Hollywood film. 

To promote the contest, Ron Howard's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, made this bittersweet and playful trailer entitled "Solemates."

"Solemates" debuted on Canon USA's YouTube channel February 15, and pictures a couple's journey of meeting, falling in love and building a life together.

In just over a minute, Howard paints a profound portrait of humanity and love without ever showing her characters' faces or using a single line of dialogue.

Instead, she unexpectedly fixes her lens on the feet and shoes of her protagonists. Their shoes cross paths, change directions and walk together, evoking a soothing meditation on lasting love.

She encourages others to participate in the Canon project, saying

"Creativity is all around us, and some of the funniest, most beautiful, and touching moments happen when you least expect it. This year, I'm joining forces with Project Imagination to invite all of you to get creative and turn your favorite moments into a 60 second trailer."

If you've ever thought about making a short film, Canon wants to see it.

We say go for it.

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