The Beautiful Song Composed By This 9-Year-Old Is Way Better Than Any Piano Recital

A young new talent on the ivory keys.

He may look like a rockstar, but this young piano marvel has more in common with Machajdík than Metalinda.

Meet 9-year-old Vojtech Filip Kopko, a Slovakian boy who dons a rough-and-tough ponytail, but plays the keys as delicately as a surgeon operates. In a recent video clip uploaded to YouTube, the young virtuoso displays his talents on his emotive original song "Farby Jesene," or "Colours of Autumn."

"The song was composed by the boy himself. He doesn't know how to write down notes yet, but he plays spontaneously and remembers the songs he composed," Filip's cousin, Nikolas Vester, tells A Plus via email. "You can say he got inspired by Vivaldi's Four Seasons as he wants to compose the song for every season. Right now, the only one he [is missing] is Winter. At this point, he has [about] 10 [of his] own songs."

Vester adds the boy's father — also named Vojtech — set up the youngster's nascent YouTube account in order to share his songs with family and friends. But he's been enjoying the views and positive comments he's received from other people, too, including a share from Slovakian singer Zuzana Smatanová, who was delighted and delighted her fans with Filip's piano rendition of her recent song, "Horou." "He has also been on the show and some concerts with another popular Slovakian musician whose name is Marian Cekovsky," Vester says.

Playing since the age of 4, despite no one in his family tickling the keys, Filip hopes to pursue a career playing tunes on the piano for concert halls around the world.

In the meantime, though, Filip is keeping his love close to those around him, as Vester reveals that "Colours of Autumn" is dedicated to his teacher, who is in the hospital with heart problems.

Perhaps that's why he offers a sweet smile for the camera after finishing the short song.

Check out his touching tribute in the video below.

(H/T: Reddit)

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