Man Proposes 10,000 Feet In The Air And Then Lets Her Go


"All right, fingers crossed," Brandon Strohbehn said as he packed up a backpack for what would be one memorable jump.

Then, 10,000 feet in the air, he held onto his girlfriend, Nicole Nepomuceno, and told her he loved her.

Strohbehn pulls out a ring and shows it to Nepomuceno, trying his best not to drop it.

After she sees the ring, he lets her go — without an answer.

And by the time they both land, she was already smiling and crying.

And we don't blame her. 

Between the adrenaline rush from the adventurous skydive and the excitement of his proposal, we can't help but notice how happy the two are together.

Be sure to watch the full proposal here:

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