Women Brilliantly Respond To MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Asking Hillary Clinton To Smile

#SmileForJoe, ladies.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a big night on Tuesday. The Democratic presidential candidate won four out of five state primaries, quashing speculation of a surge from party rival Bernie Sanders following his unexpected and jubilant win in Michigan the week before.

Her victories further propelled her frontrunner status for the party's nomination, a position that had wavered in light of Sanders' growing support. But apparently, winning big wasn't good enough for some male pundits, who couldn't help but point out that Clinton was being too shout-y and wasn't smiling enough for their taste.

Yes, instead of focusing on the now even-likelier possibility that Clinton could become the United States' first female president ever, these men fell back on the tired tropes of a woman in power being "too loud," "too shrill," and "too unsmiling."

Whether you support Clinton as a candidate or not, it is infuriating to see that women — even powerful, influential women — aren't exempt from these kind of remarks about their tone or expression. These sort of criticisms have been at the center of the discussion on sexism in this race.

But the upside is that these clueless comments gave breakout comedy show host Samantha Bee an opportunity to hit back in her typical no-holds-barred way. Bee singled out MSNBC host Joe Scarborough's tweet telling Clinton to smile by responding with a scowling photo and the hashtag #SmileForJoe.

Other women quickly joined the #SmileForJoe campaign and posted unsmiling photos of themselves to Scarborough.











Touché, ladies. 

Cover image via stocklight / Shutterstock.com.