You'll Never Guess Who Gave This 7-Year-Old A Bionic Arm

This is the coolest thing.

7-year-old Alex Pring received a rather amazing surprise this week. 

The Central Florida boy is missing his right arm, so when his mom told him he was going to see a "specialist" in Atlanta, he wasn't expecting anything too extraordinary to happen. 

But when he got there, Alex was shocked.

Iron Man himself, aka Robert Downey Jr., met Alex in Atlanta to present him with a brand new bionic arm.

Alex, who is a huge superhero fan, had no idea he was about to meet one of his favorite heroes in person — let alone receive such an amazing new piece of technology.

"He didn't question it [the trip to Atlanta] much, so we kind of just went with it," Alex's mother told CNN. "Afterward, I asked, 'Why were you so quiet?' He said, 'I was freaking out!'"  

Downey even gave Alex a new robotic arm, at no cost. It looks exactly like one Iron Man would have!

The whole event was organized by The Collective Project, a social media campaign by Microsoft recognizing student-created technologies that make a difference. 

The Collective Project caught the amazing moment on film. Check it out:

"Actually, I think yours might be better than mine," Downey says in the video above. "God, dude, it's even cooler than I thought," he adds as the two try on their bionic arms. 

The amazing arm was developed by a volunteer group, headed by Ph. D. student Albert Manero, called Limbitless Solutions. Through 3-D printing technology Limbitless Solutions create low-cost bionic arms to deliver to kids all around the world. 

In the video, Manero says when Alex is asked about the loss of his arm, he feels hurt. But when he wore the new, personalized bionic arms, the questions became "How does that work," or "Where did you get that?" 

"It opened our eyes to the fact that... it's not a defect for them, it's a facet of their personality," Manero adds.

It's a project Downey is proud to be a part of (and we can see why).

Looks like there's more than one hero in the room.

You can learn more about Alex Pring and Albert Manero here:

To donate to Limbitless Solutions, visit here. 

(H/T: Reddit)

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