This Story Made Jack Black Cry, And If You Watch His Video, He Won't Be The Only One

More people should know about this.

Many 12-year-old boys complain about going to school, but one young Ugandan child would do anything for an education.

His name is Felix, and he's been living on the streets for three years. Recently, as part of an NBC special, Felix got to spend a day with musician and actor Jack Black, who explored the Ugandan city Felix has been living in on his own, without his mother, father or siblings.

"Unfathomable, I can't imagine my kids going through that," Black reflected after seeing how Felix lived. "And he's every bit as brilliant and sharp as any kid I've met."

According to Felix, his mom died, he never knew his dad and he has no idea where his brothers and sisters are. Felix came to the city to look for work, food or an education after spending much of his life in rural Uganda. 

"The most [important] thing for me is learning," Felix said. 

Fortunately, we can all help Felix. Black's day with him was part of a campaign to help raise money for the more than 150 million children that live on the street all over the world. You can help them by donating here.

For now, Felix earns money on the street by selling empty plastic bottles he finds in the trash.

"He wants an education, and I think that's not a lot to ask," Black said. "So I'm hoping that you'll give as much as you can."

You can donate by calling 1-844-446-6673 or going to

Check out Felix's heart-wrenching story here:

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