What Are The Simple Pleasures In Life?

These are all so satisfying.

They always say that the best things in life are free.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes it is really nice to have a few moments of pure, unadulterated happiness. 

This week, Redditors were asked, "What are life's small, simple pleasures?" and the responses came flooding in. Reading through the list is a great stress-melter and will definitely bring a smile to your face.

"Making eye contact with a baby in public, making a silly face, and watching the baby respond with a huge grin"

"Solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzle way before the contestants."

"When you feel included"

"A kiss on the cheek when you leave the house, and a hug when you come home."

"Falling asleep whilst it's raining outside."

"Plants growing through cracks in the road. You go, little man."

"opening a book right on the page you need to be on"


"Putting on clothes straight out of the dryer"

"Shower beer."

"The First Sip of a Beverage When You’re Thirsty. It's hot outside and the only thing on your mind is an ice cold glass of water. And once you get that sip..."

"The feeling of laying down on your own bed after a long journey."

"Taking off your bra at the end of the day."

"Starting a task and finishing it. The task or job doesn't have to be sizeable necessarily, but when you complete something such as mowing your lawn of cleaning all of your dirty dishes, it feels good."

"Sitting by a fire."

"waking up early, and knowing that you have couple more hours of sleep"

[Header image: Jean-philippe WALLET/iStockphoto]

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