Gear Up For Summer By Turning Your Eyebrows Into Rainbows

Don't forget those brows!

There's something about a rainbow that inspires people — whether it be in art, fashion and beauty, and beyond — a rainbow is always trending.

Back in April, we caught wind of a face highlighter that could turn our cheeks into pretty rainbows in just one swipe. In January, we covered the glow-in-the-dark rainbow hair trend going around the Internet, and let's not forget the rainbow bagel from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn.  

Now, a bold rainbow eyebrow trend has caught our attention. Though people have been practicing the colored and rainbow brow trends for awhile, we're particularly fond of it for the summer months, when the weather's warm and the festivals are in full swing.

Whether you turn your brows into a literal rainbow (from red to purple) or pick a few colors and blend from one end to the other, this idea is perfect for self-expression at a summer festival, a night out, or wherever you feel like rocking it. 

Take a look at the images below for inspiration:

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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