Every Part Of This Drone Can Be Used To Help Victims Of Natural Disasters

Help is only a drone away.

People in disaster areas often have to wait for airplanes to drop relief to them via parachutes. But a new type of drone is trying to change that.

Pouncer is a new, disposable drone that can be used to provide aid to people in need of disaster relief. The inside of the drone has the capacity to carry lifesaving supplies like food, water and medicine. The frame can be used as a shelter for those in need. And it contains a wooden structure that can be broken down to build a fire.

Engineer Nigel Gifford hopes that Pouncer can solve humanitarian problems swiftly and precisely with its GPS technology.

"It can react very quickly to need," Nigel told Motherboard. "If you've got a disaster, the Pouncer aircraft can be introduced and react to that within hours, and accurately."

There are tens of millions of people every year that could benefit from this technology. Pouncer is slated to become available starting in March 2017.

Cover via Shutterstock.com


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