13 Striking Botanical Tattoos That Put A Unique Spin On Floral Ink Designs

"In nature, everything is perfect.”

Crimean artist Pis Saro creates soft, watercolor tattoo designs that add even more natural beauty to your skin. Her tattoos are inspired by nature, namely the flowers and other plants that inhabit it. Her eye-catching designs put a unique spin on the floral-inspired tattoos we're all so used to seeing. 

"The mood of my art changes with the seasons," Saro told Illusion magazine. "I grow flowers and watch them attentively, looking at each fractal detail in petals and leaves. They're not as simple as they seem! I like to study plants, animals and birds of different countries, too, always searching for new ideas. In nature, everything is perfect."

Saro posts tons of photos of her incredible tattoo designs on her Instagram account, and people seem genuinely inspired and enamored with the results. Her posts are filled with compliments from other users and many, many pleas for her to visit their respective cities. 

"I do not have a tattoo and will only get one if it is you doing it. Your work is so beautiful. Let me know if you ever stop in New York City," one user commented

"Wow @pissaro_tattoo am not normally one for women's chest tattoos at all, but damn that is so pretty you have changed my mind!" another user wrote

The praise is well deserved. Even if you're not a tattoo person, we're pretty sure seeing Saro's beautiful work will bring some joy to your day, too. You can check out some of her designs below: 














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