Want To Know The Secret Behind This Man's Celebrity Friendships? Ask Photoshop.

Putting the skill to good use.

Photoshop extraordinaire PeejeT is a talented designer who also happens to have a solid sense of humor. That's a pretty good thing to pair with design skills, as his series of images with himself edited into celebrity scenes both famous and candid has caught fire with the pop culture pockets of the Internet.

Check out the awesome crews he gets to "hang" out with, starting with Khloe Kardashian:

Chill tub sesh with Nicki Minaj.

Drive-thru with Jay and Bey.

Awkward tea with Amber Rose.

It's the sharks that are famous.

Christmas with Rihanna.

Tough times on the bench with Kobe.


Kim's the big spoon.

Sneaking in on the most famous selfie ever taken.

Protecting Billy from daughter Miley.

Sorry, Miguel.

Cheering up sad workout Drake.

Chillin' with Kanye and Ray J.

2015 hangout with DWade and LeBron.

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