19 Photos Taken Around The Globe Capture One Couple's Love Story

Beyond breathtaking.

Nataly Zakharova is a woman of many hats. According to her Instagram account she's a TV host, actress, writer, and editor. What little time she has left over she spends leading her producer fiancé Murad Osmann around the world.

Osmann's own Instagram, now with almost 2 million followers, has found a globetrotting muse in Zakharova. His photography series "#followmeto" shows Zakharova as she takes him by the hand and leads him on an international journey to mosques and basilicas, Spanish bullfighting arenas and Indonesian rice fields. The project, he says, is all about capturing their love.

Hong Kong, China

"This project is our hobby, it's all about our hearts, about our soul," Zakharova told NBC. "We want to show how beautiful this world [is] and we want to show our relationship with it."

The series was born when, according to Mashable, Osmann was taking his time photographing sites in Barcelona, Spain, and Zakharova grabbed his hand to tug him away.

"There's no special secret of my success," Osmann wrote on his Facebook wall. "I'm just following what I really love."

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The result is a stunning testament to what it is to be young, in love, and equipped with a pair of well-worn passports. 

Because when you get right down to it, is there anything more romantic than stepping onto the streets of a new city with your significant other? We think not.

Check out more of Osmann and Zakharova's breathtaking photos below.

New York City, United States

Moscow, Russia

Petra, Jordan

Paris, France

Bali, Indonesia

Rome, Italy

Baku, Azerbaijan

Istanbul, Turkey

London, England

Granada, Spain



Venice, Italy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Berlin, Germany


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