Eli Manning Finally Revealed That Secret 'Omaha' Call Brother Peyton Loved

Wonder if Peyton will beat Eli up for this one.

The Mannings are football royalty and, as such, they probably have their fair share of well-kept secrets. One that's always seemed to bother fans and sports personalities alike is the meaning of "Omaha," which Peyton would call out at the line of scrimmage frequently throughout the 2013 NFL season, at peak use shouting it 44 times during the Denver Broncos' divisional playoff victory against the San Diego Chargers. Now, after a couple years of agony, younger brother Eli has finally revealed its true meaning.

Speaking at the New York Giants Town Hall event, Manning said now that he's comfortable with the new terminology in the Giants' offense, his only disappointment is that "Omaha" isn't part of the mix. Pausing for a second, he then said, "I think I can actually finally tell you what 'Omaha' meant," prompting the desperate, answer-thirsty crowd to cheer in relief.

"So Omaha was in the playbook," Manning started. "There was actually a sheet that said 'Omaha' at the top, and basically 'Omaha' was maybe we change the play, or maybe when I was changing protection, or [David] Diehl had to tie his shoe or something and was taking forever and the play clock's running down. And 'Omaha' just told everybody to put their hand in the ground, shut up and the ball's about to be snapped."

So there you have it. Omaha basically meant, "Shut up, we're playing football. Pay attention." Which may be a little underwhelming, but it's definitely better than the explanation Peyton offered after that January 2014 win over the Chargers.

"I know a lot of people ask what Omaha means," he quipped. "Omaha is a run play, but it could be a pass play or a play-action pass, depending on a couple things: which way we're going, the quarter and the jerseys that we're wearing. It varies, really, from play to play. So, there's your answer to that one."

Damn you, Peyton, for jerking us around. And damn you, Eli, for not having a more exciting real answer. Time to stop watching football and see what eldest brother Cooper Manning is up to in the energy trade.

Those football Mannings. So immature, right?

(H/T: CBS Sports)

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