Finally, You Can Smell Like Your Loved Ones All Day Long

Well, this is new...

When our loved ones pass away, we hold onto lasting images of time spent together, photographs, dreams and more.

And because different senses, like smells, can trigger those memories, one French company is looking to bottle those memory-jogging smells into a perfume. 

In order to do this, scientists will use people's clothing to extract their signature smell.

"We are going through funeral homes to offer families a small box containing a vial of the departed's odor that we would have extracted from a piece of material provided by them," company founder Katia Apalategui told The Guardian.

Smells a little weird.

But the reasons we are attracted to our loved ones scents make sense. Take, for example, the natural smell of newborn babies. New York Magazine's Erica Schwiegershausen explains the smell "[triggers] dopamine release in the reward pathways of the brain — the same 'pleasure pathways' affected by cocaine, food, and other stimuli that evoke reward response." 

And remembering loved ones by their smells could have the same power, even after they're gone.

"There is this unique connection between the sense of smell and the part of the brain that processes emotion," says Rachel Herz, a neuroscientist at Brown University in the Jewish World Review

Herz's research also suggests that memories evoked from odors are more emotional than ones brought up otherwise.

Furthermore, Apalategui's company hopes to develop products that smell like all your loved ones, not just the departed.

Because pheromones influence your attraction and sexual interest to your partner, these perfumes would be a perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

So from your boyfriend's shirt to your grandma's sweater, maybe it's time to turn perfume into your best coping mechanism.

(H/T: Mic)