11 Parents Reveal Their True Feelings About Vaccinating Their Kids

"I'm tired of people telling me I'm a horrible mother"

Vaccinations are one of the mot important tools to keep infectious disease at bay. Not only have they been used to eradicate smallpox, with polio on the brink of global elimination as well. Unfortunately, misinformation has scared some parents into thinking vaccines are dangerous, despite a lack of scientific evidence.

Because this issue has been needlessly politicized, the idea of getting children immunized can create strong feelings. Some parents have taken to the anonymous Whisper app to confess those feelings about worry, relief, judgement, and frustration.

Here are 11 of those confessions:


I am pro-vaccine because I want to know that I did everything that I could to protect my kid


Without vaccines my kid could be very sick right now. I'm tired of parents telling my im a horrible mother for it. You worry about your child, and I'll worry about mine.


All the stupid people not vaccinating their kids and then sending them to public school makes me want to homeschool my daughter. Someone else's stupidity isn't going to get my daughter sick.


I honestly don't know if I should vaccinate my kids or not.  Getting the cervical cancer vaccine ruined my life and my health.  But what if getting vaccinated could save theirs? I'm just so confused!


I don't feel bad about having my daughter vaccinated despite her father's objections. His lack of education on the subject is no excuse to risk her health or anyone else's.


I'm petitioning my local school board to ban "personal belief" exemptions for vaccines.  If your kid isn't vaccinated (unless it's for a medical reason), I don't want them around my kids.


I don't vaccinate my daughter because I don't see a need to. She doesn't need shots until she goes to school and she spends all day with me. I'm tired of having to explain to others how I parent.


I try not to judge.  But I will never understand why people do not vaccinate their children. As a mother with a vulnerable child it baffles and annoys me.


Vaccinated my kids today. Everyone who swears they're safe better be right!!!!!!!


My decision to vaccinate my son is my choice, I'm sick of other parents telling me I'm poisoning my child. I trust his pediatrician.


I vaccinated my son.  He's showing signs of autism. If I didn't vaccinate, he'd be showing signs of autism, and polio. Vaccinate your kids.

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