When You Find Out How These Paintings Were Made, You'll See Them In A Whole New Light


Italian artist Paolo Troilo creates captivating, detailed paintings without using brushes — He just uses his hands.

In a video highlighting his work, Troilo explains that he started drawing when he was just four years old. 

"[I] went out to buy all the tools to start painting. Then, I went back home,  and realized the brushes were missing. So I started to paint with my fingers," he says. 

Now, Troilo's incredible black-and-white paintings have been exhibited in cities all over the world, including San Francisco, Madrid, Singapore and Miami.

In a 2015 Ted Talk in Milano, Troilo said taking away the brush, "which had kept generations of artists hooked to art," made him feel as though he was suspended in air.

"...I started to fly with my hands."

Check out more of Troilo's work here:

Watch the video below to learn more about this incredible artist:

(H/T: E Morfes)

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