Just Try And Get Your Head Around This Optical Illusion Tattoo

Wait, what?

It was just an average Saturday in a Limerick City, Ireland tattoo parlor when artist Paul O'Rourke got the chance to design the tattoo that would break the internet. 

Thanks to his new swirling ink, customer Paddy Buckley's arm now looks as if you can reach right through it and grab it by the handle, and the World Wide Web has taken note.

Redditors suggested the tattoo's trippiness might not be the result of "sorcery," not a preternaturally talented artist. And they have a point --  the illusion is almost impossibly perfect.

"[The tattoo] has now caught the worlds attention and we could not be prouder!!!" wrote the tattoo parlor team on their blog in the aftermath of the tattoo going viral.

Buckley, meanwhile, is hopefully wearing his impressive ink as a badge of pride. He is, after all, as one of his friends commented, now "the fella with the arm on Facebook!"

Think his ink is as epic as we do? Share it below!

H/T io9

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