This Creature Of The Deep Is So Large That It Might Inhale A Human

Get my good side!

If you're scuba diving in the ocean and come across a mysterious, giant floating mass...

Try not to panic.

It's just an Ocean Sunfish.

Yes, they're gigantic, with some weighing as much as 5,000 pounds and growing up to 9 feet long, but they don't snack on humans.

According to, their diets mainly consist of, "zooplankton like jellyfish, Portuguese man-o-war... squid, sponges," and other small fish.

While the Sunfish does make the diver next to him look like a puny bug, he is actually pretty friendly.

As the divers swim up to him, the Sunfish seems to be relishing in his 15 minutes of fame, posing for a number of pictures.

Overall, he seems like a fairly pleasant gigantic blob. We like friendly blobs. Unlike this guy...

So, relax, don't fret and watch the video below.

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