Beautiful Nude Photographs Depict The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac

What's your sign?

According to Polish photographer Arkadiusz Branicki, "each person is beautiful, we just need to learn to see it."

For 10 years, Branicki has been working with nude photography, trying to bring out the splendour of the human form and prove there are no unphotogenic people, only lazy photographers. 

His project "Zodiac" perfectly captures the essence of his philosophy and aesthetics.


"Zodiac" features 12 nude portraits of women embodying the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Branicki's monochromatic, minimalist style makes his models appear more like antique marble sculptures than living subjects.

"I admire the ancient authors, their sense of beauty based on proportion and harmony of the human body. It speaks to me. Moreover, it is not as temporary and will not change in a year or two," Branicki told Max Models.



Branicki doesn't use many additional props in order to focus on his objective.

"My goal is to show the beauty and harmony that is hidden in the human body. I don't want the viewer to be distracted by anything. Nothing should stand in the way of perception," Arkadiusz told A+.

Branicki says he rarely photographs professional models. Most of his subjects are regular women and girls who just want to be involved in the creative process and admire the aesthetics of his work.



According to the photographer, making a photographic series can be difficult. He compares it to writing one big, long story instead of a series of short ones: you need to be consistent, coherent, and extremely patient.

Branicki says it took him seven months to complete his "Zodiac" series and there were times when he spent up to 40 minutes perfecting one single shot.








Visit Arkadiusz Branicki's website to see more of his astounding work and follow him on Facebook.

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