University Creates Awesome 'Piglet' Room' To Help Students Relieve Stress


If you thought puppy rooms — rooms universities fill with puppies to help students de-stress — were cool, get ready for another level of cuteness.

United Kingdom's Nottingham Trent University has created a #PigletRoom for its students and it has been a complete hit.

The request for piglets came after the school created a puppy room, but students wanted something more. According to a student-run publication called The Tab Trent, the administration would welcome piglets if 7,500 students voted. Sadly, they were 485 votes short.

All piggie-related hopes were crushed, but not for long.

"In a turn of events the ever-so-generous [sic] big dogs at the Students Union have decided to give it to us anyway," the Trent Tab reported:

"A poorly spelt post by the SU said: 'Stressed out with by your exams? Take some time to chill out and visit the piglet room with adorable micro pigs! You can book a fifteen-minute slot to spend in the room.'"

Nottingham Trent announced the two day piggie event on May 27 on Twitter. Students had 15 minute slots to pet the pigs — And as the Twitter images (below) indicate, they were a hit. 

"It's been busy the entire two days... there's just a really good buzz around the campus," Union president, Marcus Boswell, told Mashable.

And by buzz, he means oinks.

(H/T: Design Taxi)

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