This Artist's Doodles Spice Up Boring, Average Instagrams


New Delhi-based artist Suraj Sirohi is definitely the kid who daydreamed and doodled in class all day. His #DoodleThisPic series takes normal, run-of-the-mill Instagram pics and adds in colorful sketches to bring them to life. Fruits, random objects, notable landmarks and more get the doodle treatment — and the best part is he'll whip one up for you if you email a good enough picture to

Check out some of the best doodles for yourself:

Watch out, dude.

Orange goals.

Dinner is served.

Casual game of ring toss.

Nothing like a good shave.

Captain America loses his shield.

Aim at the giant monster, obviously.

Deer hunter.

Three little cleaning pigs.

Ready for a refreshing dip.


Playing house of cards.


Gone fishin'.

See other doodles on Suraj's Instagram.