Up Your Netflix Search Game With These Secret Codes To Find Any Category You Need


Sick of random recommendations and the same old categories you search for on Netflix everyday?


Unbeknownst to us non-computer wizards, there were actually a slew of secret codes you can type in to find a wide array of secret categories.

So if you don't want to search for "Documentaries," "Action," or "Classics," you can narrow down your search to much more niche categories.

All you need to do to find these hidden categories, is use this URL: 


And in place of the "xxxxx", enter one of the codes.

So, for example if you are looking for "Classic Action & Adventure," this is code: 46576. Therefore, you would use this URL: www.netflix.com/browse/genre/46576

Here are some of the best ones we found.

You can find the full list on Imgur here.

Action Comedies:


Children & Family


Film Noir

Romantic Comedies

Historical Documentaries

Crime Dramas

Foreign Movies

Independent Movies


Sports Movies

Happy searching!

Remember, you can find all the codes right here.

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